Simon Cowell is to marry four times this year.

The music mogul is preparing to tie the knot with his fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy in different countries, according to his brother Tony Cowell.

Tony told Real Radio: "My mum is in Los Angeles sorting out the lovebirds. Mum's final words to me before she flew off to Los Angeles were, 'Last year he said he was never, never, never going to get married and this year he's getting married four times, once in Brighton, once in Los Angeles, once in Barbados on a yacht and once in Hollywood.' "

It was previously revealed Simon, 50, was planning to have at least two ceremonies, one in England and one in Los Angeles to please Mezhgan's family.

A source said: "He's finding this marriage stuff stressful. He's used to making up his own mind and now has to factor in other people's feelings."

Simon's ex-girlfriend Sinitta has also claimed the 'American Idol' judge was going to have a Salvador Dali-themed wedding.

The 'So Macho' singer has put forward suggestions for decor at the wedding, including the Spanish surrealist painter's famous melting clocks from his best-known work 'The Persistence of Memory'.

She said: "What Simon wants, Simon gets. The theme of the wedding is Miracles Do Happen - Simon getting married just goes to prove it.

"It will be a pretty surreal do - Salvador Dali-inspired. There'll be angels and all sorts everywhere.