Simon Cowell reportedly plans to be nicer in a bid to boost ratings.

The music mogul's 'Britain's Got Talent' attracted less viewers than the UK version of 'The Voice' on Saturday (07.04.12), apparently causing Simon to rethink his Mr. Nasty image.

A source said: ''He'll learn lessons from it.

''Simon wasn't happy when he saw the ratings. He likes to be number one in everything he does. He has told producers they must make 'BGT' even better.

''He is known as being a perfectionist and this will only renew his desire to beat 'The Voice'.''

According to The Sun newspaper, Simon, 52, is also worried about how the new show will affect his 'X Factor' when it returns to screens later this year.

The insider continued: ''The big fear is that viewers will start seeing 'The Voice' as the leading singing show.

''That would mean the best singers flocking to apply to it instead of 'The X Factor' - and these shows live or die on their talent.

''Simon always learns lessons. He will be seriously considering whether he has to be nicer to contestants.

''He has softened his Mr. Nasty image over the years. But maybe now he needs to turn fully into Mr. Nice. It's clear viewers are starting to get a taste for more positive shows.''

However, his spokesman insisted: ''Simon is happy with the ratings. The judges are looking forward to the live shows.''