Simon Cowell's neighbour threatened to smash his luxury cars with a golf club during a row over parking.

The man angrily threatened to destroy the music mogul's fleet of cars, which sit in front of his luxurious London home, and shouted he'd ''had enough'' of Simon's behaviour during an incident on Tuesday night (05.12.17).

The neighbour - whose anger was somewhat defused by the police - subsequently told The Sun newspaper: ''I wrote a sign on my door saying, 'Please do not park in front of my house' and they still did it. But I'm always unhappy with Cowell - he's a t***.

''Who is he? Some prat - the 'X Factor' guy? I lost my temper last night and I'll do it again - do not park near my frontage. It happens every night.''

The row took place after Simon's chauffeur was preparing to take the TV star to a Christmas party in his Rolls Royce.

A number of other vehicles also pulled up in front of the house of Simon's neighbour, who then came storming out of his property to vent his frustration.

In a video of the incident, the man - who is in his 50s - is seen hurling abuse towards Simon's home, while he also threatened to attack his vehicles with a golf club.

Eyewitness Will Lloyd shared: ''I was gobsmacked. I have never seen anything like it. This bloke was properly furious. He was going crazy.

''He was facing Simon's house just screaming, 'I have had enough of Simon Cowell! Who does he think he is? I'll smash all these cars up.'

''It was scary - he was absolutely ranting while waving a golf club about. He started screaming, 'What is he even famous for?'''

The police were eventually called to the scene after a security team failed to calm the situation.

Simon, for his part, is said to have shrugged off the situation.