Simon Cowell is selling his $1.7 million supercar.

The music mogul is planning to say goodbye to the Bugatti Veyron - which he recently admitted to only driving twice since he bought it three years ago - after splashing out on his ''favourite ever'' vehicle.

He tweeted: ''bought my favorite car in the world this weekend so I am going to have to say goodbye to the Bugatti. Both are alpha males ,one has to go. (sic)''

While Simon was busy buying a new car, his pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman was being spoiled by her friends at his Californian home as they threw her a baby shower - though the father-to-be has no idea what they got up to.

He tweeted: ''Still not sure what a baby shower is.''

The 'X Factor' star also enjoyed a relaxing massage at the Peninsula Hotel while the baby shower was going on on Sunday (08.12.13).

He told TV talk show host Jay Leno: ''I booked into a hotel and had a massage. I wasn't really welcome, but they had a good time.''

Simon and Lauren are expecting a baby boy and he has hinted he plans to name his son after himself.

He said: ''It will probably be something beginning with S. Think about it. That's the only name I can come up with at the moment that I like.''