Simon Cowell's son snubbed Robbie Williams' daughter because she had a runny nose.

Ayda Field has recalled an instance where her and the 44-year-old singer's five-year-old daughter Teddy had a build up of snot running down her nose, which prompted the music mogul's four-year-old boy Eric Cowell to joke she couldn't be his ''girlfriend''.

The 39-year-old actress - who also has son Charlton, three, with Robbie - said: ''Teddy had a really runny nose and you'll never believe this, but Eric is quite particular, and he said I'm not going to date someone ... you can't be my girlfriend because you've got a runny nose.

''So she wiped her nose and goes, 'Yes I am.'

''It was like Little Rob and Little Simon. 'You're not going to date me.' 'You are going to date me.' ''

Ayda and Robbie's daughter bonded with Simon and Lauren Silverman's kids after she met the 'X Factor' boss' partner at a gymboree class.

She said: ''I was in a gymboree class with Lauren, with Charlie and Eric, and that's how we met and we became friends.

''I think because we met on a personal level.''

Ayda admitted she and Robbie are ''looking forward'' to playing pranks on their kids when they are older enough to appreciate them.

Speaking on 'Loose Women', she added: ''I feel like Rob and I are looking forward to punking our children.

''I feel like we are totally going to be those embarrassing parents.''

Despite previously having his sperm cryogenically frozen, Robbie insisted last year he didn't want any more kids for the time being.

He said at the time: ''I don't want another one, but I have to weigh up crushing her hopes.

''I have to weigh up whether my not wanting to have one is worth her heart breaking every time a pram goes past the car when we're parked at a red light.

''On a good day, in a tender moment, I would like to see another bom-bom running about.''