Simon Cowell's late mother harboured fears about her son's unhealthy lifestyle.

The 58-year-old music mogul was recently forced to skip 'The X Factor' live shows after he passed out at his London home and Simon's brother Tony has now revealed that his mother Julie Brett - who passed away, aged 89, in 2015 - had concerns about the TV star's ''workaholic'' ways.

Tony explained: ''Our mum, Julie, was always worried about his health and desperately tried to get him to ease off. Basically, he's a workaholic.''

Tony called on his brother to pay more attention to his own health for the sake of his three-year-old son Eric, who he has with his long-term partner Lauren Silverman.

The incident at Simon's London home came as a shock to his sibling, and he hopes it will lead the TV star to put his family before his career.

Tony told Best magazine: ''I was as shocked as anyone when I heard the news that Simon had been taken to hospital. I think it's come as a shock to Simon, as he himself admits, 'It's been a wake-up call'.

''He needs to look at his life, his workload, and try putting family above work.''

In particular, Tony said his brother needs to place more importance on getting a good night's sleep, rather than working through the early hours of the morning.

He explained: ''Ever since he first went to the US for American Idol, Simon has worked through the night, sometimes till 4 or 5am. Yes, he does sleep late in the morning, but a lack of sleep takes it toll over the years.''

Meanwhile, Simon recently confessed he feared he had broken his neck when he fell down the stairs at his London home.

The outspoken Brit was rushed to hospital after he tripped down the stairs whilst going to get a glass of milk.

Of the dramatic incident, he shared: ''I was lying on my back thinking, 'I hope I haven't broken my neck.' But the NHS staff were the most amazing people I've ever met, genuinely. Fortunately it was all fine ...

''He [Eric] probably would have told me off, and I didn't want to worry him. He's only three.''