Simon Cowell is ''friends'' with his son Eric.

The 57-year-old entertainment mogul has said his three-year-old son - whom he has with his partner Lauren Silverman - is ''old enough'' to be considered as one of Simon's friends, as the pair talk ''all the time''.

Simon told People magazine: ''Eric's old enough now to be my buddy. We talk to each other all the time. We're friends and he's fun to be around.''

The 'America's Got Talent' judge recently said he wasn't sure if he'd make a good father before the birth of his son, but now thinks parenthood is ''incredible'', and wouldn't rule out expanding his brood further in the future.

Asked about the prospect of another child, he said: ''Look I wouldn't say no, but I had no idea (with Eric) . . . it wasn't planned.

''I think if I'd have sat here four years ago and said to you, 'I'm going to be a dad' it would have been like, 'Yeah right'.

''And even if I'd have said yes, I would have said at the time I'm not sure I'll be a great dad because I just don't know what to do.

''Then the most amazing thing happens.

''That after about a year and a half you create this connection and it's very difficult to describe. You always think the biggest love you'll ever have is for your family and for your parents.

''You don't understand what it is like to be a mum or a dad until you have a son or a daughter.

''It is beyond anything I have ever experienced. It is quite incredible. It does make you, I think, a happier person.''

Meanwhile, the 'X Factor' star insisted he has never ''planned'' anything in his life, so refused to admit whether or not he'll marry Lauren in the future.