Simon Cowell may have to choose between ex-girlfriends for his unborn baby's godmother.

The media mogul - who is expecting his first child with socialite Lauren Silverman - is still close to his former flames, and Sinitta and Jackie St Clair both want the honour of the influential role in the child's life.

An insider told the Sunday People newspaper: ''Simon is facing a real dilemma. There are a lot of women in his life and he is still very close to all of his exes.

But it is Sinitta and Jackie who want to be godmother to his baby. It's tricky because they really don't get on. If Simon chooses one it could be a real blow to the other.''

Both the women have expressed a keen interest in being the baby's godmother and helping out as much as they can.

The source added: ''They have both offered to babysit and are willing to help Lauren out when he is away working.

''As his closest friends they are both desperate to be involved. Sinitta gets on well with Lauren and already has a lot of experience raising children.

''But Jackie doesn't have any kids of her own so she'll have a lot more time to spend with the baby.''

However, the insider pointed out the 53-year-old star hasn't made a decision yet - but he has reportedly ruled out appeasing both women.

They explained: ''Simon hasn't told anyone who he wants to be godmother because he doesn't actually know.

''He realises that Sinitta and Jackie both want the position. He'll only have one godmother though ... If it comes to the worst, Lauren's friend Tanya will take on the job.

''It's Lauren's baby after all and Simon doesn't need any added stress.''