The brash Brit, who is famous for destroying dreams on talent shows like The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, insists he's a changed man ever since becoming a dad to son Eric two years ago - and now he's even considering writing a book for kids.

"I have thought about it, and now I think I'll do it," the new America's Got Talent judge recently told ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour during an interview for U.S. news show Extra. "It will be about animals... I've had to read a lot of these children's books and they're quite boring, I think I could do it better."

And he isn't stopping there, adding, "I'm going to make a children's TV show as well, a music show for kids."

His son will feature in the shows, as will a character based on himself, who will be "sort of a hero figure".

Meanwhile, it appears Simon's critical eye has turned to children's TV - and he has banned Dora The Explorer from his homes.

"She's gone away on a really long holiday," Cowell said of the popular cartoon character.

Instead, he and Eric watch classic kids' movies like Toy Story and Shrek.

"We watched the Good Dinosaur the other day (and) that was good," the doting dad added.

And when Simon and son aren't watching films or reading books together, they like to swim.

"He could be an Olympic champion," Cowell said of his water baby. "We taught him how to swim, he really took to it well, and he does, he swims whole lengths (of the pool)."

Fatherhood has also had a major impact on the one-time chain smoker's health - he has started guzzling caterpillar tea to stay fit and toned.

He told Extra, "It was something somebody recommended and even I went, 'This is a bit odd! What is it?' Caterpillars in tea... It's a caterpillar that lives in a mushroom... You put it and the mushroom in tea."

Simon admits he didn't actually ingest the caterpillar, but the tea is supposed to be really good for you.