Simon Cowell is well accustomed to pitting the public against each other, in a bid to gain themselves a slice of notoriety. For his next step, though, he's branching out into the world of cookery programmes, with a new show entitled Food, Glorious Food. The aim of the show, according to The Guardian today (June 7, 2012) is to find the nation's best home-cooked food and naturally, the programme's nickname has already been secured as. (drum roll, please.) 'Eggs Factor.'
Cowell has been known to wax lyrical about his mum's home cooking, in the past and now he's on the hunt for someone to replicate the culinary joy. A source on the production team told The Guardian "Food, Glorious Food! will scour the country in search of one very special dish that everyone across the UK will, for the first time ever, be able to buy and eat. A dish that's not just good. Not just great. But glorious." They added "We are looking for the best comfort food that will cheer everyone up in these straitened times." It is thought that the winning dish will be marketed and sold by Marks and Spencer.
Unlike X Factor though, it's not thought that Simon Cowell will be appearing on screen in the culinary answer to X Factor. The show will be made by his entertainment company Syco, though. Production for the show will begin next month and it is scheduled to air on Itv1, possibly in a midweek slot starting next February.