Simon Cowell has taught his son Eric to stick his tongue out.

The 'X Factor' mogul's friend and former girlfriend, Terri Seymour has praised him as a ''really good'' dad but revealed he is already teaching the two-month-old tot - who he had with girlfriend Lauren Silverman - some mischievous habits.

She said: ''Simon taught him how to stick his tongue out at two months. It's hysterical- Simon sticks his tongue out and Eric copies, he's so cute!''

Terri claims fatherhood hasn't changed Simon's jet-set lifestyle at all, but insists he has been a very hands on dad apart from the occasional near-mishap.

She told Us Weekly: ''He's great actually. I mean he hasn't changed his lifestyle because Simon wouldn't. But he's very good. He'd never even held a baby before, so he was like, 'How do you hold a baby?'

''You have to remind him every now and then about the head... But he's really good and he loves it.''

''Everybody was like, 'Oh my God, this is going to be so strange' but it's all been very natural.''

The 'Extra' host also admits Simon's natural transition into fatherhood has been made easier due to Eric's good behaviour.

She explained: ''I think [baby Eric] is just so easy. I met him obviously a few times before. He's amazing, he's the most well-behaved baby...considering he's Simon's!

''He never cries. I literally heard him cry once... and [he] sleeps from like, seven in the evening to seven in the morning.

''He's such a happy baby. He wakes up, has his food, and goes straight back to sleep. He's like the dream baby. He's amazing.''