Simon Cowell has only driven his $1.7 million supercar twice in three years.

The music mogul splashed out on a Bugatti Veyron in 2010 after falling in love with the vehicle when he spotted it in a showroom in Beverly Hills, California, but he only decided to part with his money after phoning a friend to check if he was making the right decision.

Speaking on an episode of 'The Ellen Degeneres Show', which is due to air today (22.11.13), he said: ''It was beckoning me to buy it. Seriously.

''The following day I walked in and bought it.''

While he has only taken the speedy motor out on two occasions, Simon - who is expecting his first child with US socialite Lauren Silverman in February - joked he once sped down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles at 250 miles per hour.

He quipped ''I hit 250 on Sunset.''

He then added: '''I'm lying. Police if you're watching...''

Earlier in the episode, Ellen gave Simon a mini-Bugatti as a present for his unborn son, and the 'X Factor' boss was delighted with the gift.

He said: ''Oh my god. I love it.''

Ellen joked: ''And he'll probably drive it twice in three years, also.''