Simon Cowell didn't have much input in the new Paul Potts biopic 'One Chance'.

The 53-year-old music mogul didn't have a say in how the movie - which captures the 'Britain's Got Talent' star's rise to fan - was put together, but he did offer up advice to the director David Frankel once shooting had finished.

Speaking at the premiere of 'One Chance' in Leicester Square, London, last night (17.10.13), Frankel told BANG Showbiz: ''Not so much in how the film was put together, but Simon was involved after we finished shooting the movie, we screened it he gave us notes which were really thoughtful and helpful.

''Some of which we incorporated. He's also been very supportive of the film he loves it and that's been a bit boost.''

Meanwhile, Frankel admits he chose to follow the story of Paul - who won the talent show in 2007 - rather than 2009's singer winner Susan Boyle because he was touched by the challenges he faced.

He explained: ''Paul was first, I fell in love with him first. No disrespect to Susan Boyle, it's a great story and she's a great singer. What really moved me about Paul's story is the challenges that he faced and the love story that was there.

''His wife gave him real unconditional love and supported him throughout his travails. And the fact that he sang opera. I love the opportunity that's set in the world of opera and introducing the audience to music many of them have never heard before.''