Simon Cowell can only cook beans on toast.

'The X Factor' judge may have expensive tastes and an army of personal chefs serving him in his £20 million Beverly Hills mansion, but his brother Tony says the talent show mogul is hopeless in the kitchen himself.

Tony admitted: ''Simon can't cook except for a grilled bacon and tomato sandwich on bread and baked beans on toast. That's the thing he cooked for me when I was at his Holland Park [London] home recently.

''When he cooks he does it in a way that makes you think he's doing you a massive favour, but he does it with wonderful heart. This is what he's like when he is with family and relaxed. He wouldn't offer his beans on toast to Beyonce or anyone like that!''

While the 53-year-old star has simple tastes - with favourite foods include fish fingers and Angel Delight - it doesn't stop him making outrageous demands, such as when he asked the resident chef of his 193ft yacht to recreate his favourite order from Pizza-land restaurant in Windsor, Southern England while moored in the Carribean.

Tony told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''On his yacht one day, he declared, 'The best tomato sauce in the world on a pizza was Pizza-land's in Windsor.'

''Pizza-land had long closed so he wanted Geoff to reproduce the recipe by tracking down the franchise owner in Abu Dhabi.

''Forty minutes later Geoff produced a fresh pizza in a box decorated with Pizza-land's motif, copied from the internet.''