Simon Cowell has taken a swipe at 'The Voice'.

The TV mogul is currently judging hopeful singers for the second series of 'The X Factor' in the US and told one contestant they would be better off auditioning for rival show 'The Voice' - where the judges don't see what contestants look like before they pick them.

After the singer's audition, fellow panellist L.A. Reid told them: ''If you decide to try out again, please do it on another show.''

Simon added: ''Yes, the good news is I hear 'The Voice' auditions are happening next week.''

This is not the first time Simon has blasted the rival show - which in the US has an all star panel including Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton - having previously said he thought it would be better as a radio show.

He said: ''That show [The Voice] puzzles me because it starts off and 'it's all about the voice'. So my first thought is: 'Why isn't this on radio?' because what's the point in looking at them.

''Then suddenly I'm watching it a week or two weeks ago and it's the same as The X Factor. They've got dancers behind them, graphics, lights. Same show.

''I see a lot of shows trying to rip us off. If you try and rip somebody off it always looks like a bad copy.''

Simon and L.A. are joined on the panel of 'The X Factor' in the US by new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato and auditions got underway in Austin, Texas, last week.

Britney is rumoured to have signed on to the show with a contract worth $15 million, and proved an instant hit, with her comments to hopefuls attracting huge cheers from the audience.