The singer separated from Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini in October (15) and she filed for divorce in January (16) to officially end their 18-month marriage.

She has since bounced back by dating 22-year-old One Direction star Liam, and music mogul Simon has given the couple's relationship his seal of approval.

"I think she is in a good place right now," he smiled to British newspaper The Daily Mirror. "I had dinner with her a couple of months ago with Liam and they were great. I saw her the other night and she was on great form."

Rumours recently surfaced suggesting Cheryl and Liam, who embarked on a romance in December (15), are trying for a baby, and although Cowell has remained coy about the claims, he believes the 33-year-old would be "an amazing mum".

"I have seen her with Eric (Simon's son) and other kids and she is incredible," he added.

Meanwhile, Simon, 56, has denied reports suggesting he was involved in Cheryl's decision to dump her French husband, although he recalls one bizarre run-in with Jean Bernard last year (15) on the set of U.K. reality show The X Factor, on which he and Cheryl served as judges.

"There was one night where his behaviour was out of order. Cheryl had an act in the bottom two or something. He was up on his feet, he was screaming, he put his hand across his neck at me," Cowell said, motioning as if to slit his throat.

"I went, 'Hang on a minute, this is a competition, it is not my fault'. I just said afterwards to Cheryl it might be better if he doesn't come down and watches it at home on TV and jump on as many sofas as he wants."

He added, "Their marriage breakdown had nothing to do with me, I got on fine with him, I just think he got a bit over-excited when he came down to the shows occasionally."

Cheryl quit The X Factor after the 2015 series was panned by critics and ratings slumped, but Cowell understood her decision to leave.

"It was stressful," he said. "Cheryl probably picked up on that a bit and with the marriage breaking down at the same time, it is not an ideal place when you are on live TV every week."