Simon Cowell and his son are ready to sell their children's book.

The 60-year-old music mogul has previously revealed he and five-year-old Eric - who he has with girlfriend Lauren Silverman - had collaborated together on the text and he is now planning to meet with publishers to get the tome on the market to raise money for charity.

Simon said: ''We wrote it together on a plane journey one day - so whether he likes it or not, he's in the family business already.

''It's brilliant, and we're meeting publishers at the end of this month.''

However, the 'X Factor' boss admitted he and his son had squabbled over the author credits.

He told Closer magazine: ''We had an argument as he asked, 'Who comes first, Eric or Simon?' I said, 'Well S comes before E in the alphabet, so Simon.'

''But eventually, someone told him that E comes first so now it's 'By Eric and Simon Cowell'.''

Simon loves being a dad and has fun FaceTiming the youngster when his work keeps him away from home.

He said: ''Eric is just amazing. He's just FaceTimed me and he's learned on the phone how to be an alien, a monster and a dragon, so I don't know who I'm talking to half the time, but he's just great.''

Simon revealed in September he and Eric had started working on a book together.

He said: ''I am writing a book with Eric. I literally am as we talk.

''We had some time together and I said, you know what I think we should write this book together and he's looking at me like, what? And then he started to get involved.

''We had such a fun time writing it. In the end, I said you know what, we just do it. I can't tell you yet [what it's about].''