​The pair's "bromance" has become a favourite part of the show for many viewers. But when music mogul Simon was recently asked to rank the judges of the ITV series in order of preference for a segment on Britain's Got More Talent (BGMT), things became too much to handle for former Little Britain star David.

"Obviously, number one he put himself," BGMT host Stephen Mulhern explained at the launch of the show in London on Thursday (07Apr16). "He put David straight at number ten. Amanda (Holden) was fourth - he put (former judge) Carmen Electra second, and Alesha (Dixon) third.

"I've never seen Amanda (like it)… She picked up cake, she threw it. And then David and Simon literally had nearly a physical fight."

But David joked he found the whole incident very arousing, laughing: "It was highly erotic. It was like that scene in (movie) Women In Love when they wrestle."

David, Alesha, Amanda and Stephen spoke to reporters at the launch on Thursday, while Simon was absent due to his commitments Stateside with America's Got Talent.

Britain's Got Talent will be returning to our screens this Saturday (09Apr16). The programme has been criticised in the past for allowing foreign acts to take part, but David insists that these competitors help set the "bar higher" for U.K. hopefuls.

"It's sort of become 'World's Got Talent', this show, and that puts us in a very special place," he said. "I hate to think we wouldn't have people from around the world because they set the bar higher.

"It would be quite tough when you've got one person from Spain and one person from England and you say, 'You can't enter'. Or, 'You are British, but you grew up here or you moved from there'. I like that it's open for everybody."