Music mogul Simon Cowell wants to turn British royal Prince Harry into a Pop Idol.

The American Idol and POP IDOL judge is convinced the 19-year-old heir could make millions as a chart heart-throb - and it doesn't even matter if he can sing.

Cowell has in the past said the same of Harry's brother WILLIAM, but he claims the younger Prince is far more marketable.

He says, "Both of them would make millions, absolutely millions. But I'd sign Harry over William. I think he's far more attractive and more of a party boy.

"At the moment there's much more attention on William but I think that's going to change.

"They're moving in different directions and people will soon become more interested in Harry.

"I don't know if he can sing or not but that's not always a problem."

16/07/2004 14:19