You just knew that Sharon Osbourne would be wading into the current furore surrounding allegations that Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue were sleeping together whilst the pair worked together on the UK version of 'X Factor' between 2007 and 2011. Osbourne's ire seems to be multiple in that she's angry at the revealing book, written by Tom Bower, for dragging her into what she described as "his little world of debauchery."
Candid as ever, Osbourne - who left the show herself in 2008 - told the UK's Daily Mirror "I'm not Simon's mother - I don't give a toss who he f****. That's none of my business. I think Simon thought he'd have complete control over this book. But how dare he bring me into it now? I don't want to be dragged into his little world of debauchery, thank you very much." Continuing her rant, she added "I get on absolutely fine with Simon - and he will be fine - but I am p***** off to be brought into it all again."