TV judges Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne are bitterly feuding after she accused him of rigging the British pop reality show The X Factor.

The BMG music mogul has tried to apologise to Ozzy Osbourne's feisty wife, but she is waiting until tomorrow's live show (23OCT04) to publicly accuse him of editing favourites from his over-25 singer's group to make them sound better than the contestants in her 16-24-year-old section.

Osbourne complains, "He is a f**king w**ker. I'm not going to leave because I work for ITV not him. But he's p**sed me off. He's rigged it all."

Cowell contends, "She thinks I have an unfair advantage but its tosh. People are simply more interested in the older contestants. She is desperate to win. It's OTT (over the top) and ludicrous."

The series sees Cowell, Osbourne and WESTLIFE svengali Louis Walsh managing contestants in different age groups, and competing for their protege/s to be named the X Factor winner.

22/10/2004 14:16