Music mogul Simon Cowell is infuriated after learning Leona Lewis made a secret album - which is due to be released alongside her official debut. Cowell was informed about the record, The Best Kept Secret, only days after Lewis' single Bleeding Love reached number one in the U.K. charts on Sunday (28Oct07), and is mounting an attempt to block the 'unofficial' LP before its release next month (Nov07). The Best Kept Secret, recorded with rival record label UEG, was made before Lewis signed a recording contract with Cowell in 2006 - but label bosses insist they are merely trying to recoup costs by releasing the album. A statement released by UEG reads, "The situation has left a very bitter taste in a lot of people's mouths. A huge amount of time and energy was put into working with Leona, not to mention $35,000 (GBP70,000) in production and studio costs that still remain unpaid. "We've got 12 tracks and will release them so we can cover the costs accrued in development." However, a spokesperson for Lewis says, "These are unfinished tracks and UEG are clearly attempting to exploit Leona's success. Our team is looking into this."