LATEST: Music mogul Simon Cowell's doubt over returning to hit talent search show American Idol have caused few tears - his colleagues have declared they won't even miss him.

Ryan Seacrest, who hosts the popular US show, and Randy Jackson, who serves as a judge on American Idol alongside Cowell and singer PAULA ABDUL say they have no problem with going on without the sharp-tongued Brit if he chooses to depart the contest series.

Seacrest admits, "I would miss him for maybe a week and then I would get over it. Am I saddened by the idea? No."

Jackson adds, "Simon's a liar! I don't think this is his last season. And hell no, I wouldn't miss him if he left!"

Cowell, who debuts his new dating show CUPID in July (03), has expressed a preference to spend more time behind the camera as a producer, rather than TV star.

30/05/2003 19:05