Former X Factor colleagues Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh have patched up their recent rift in the time-honoured way.

The pair gave each other a manly hug as Walsh appeared in Los Angeles on the filming of a This Is Your Life programme dedicated to Cowell.

In the last few months Cowell has been in Walsh's bad books. The Irishman was upset after being booted from popular reality TV show The X Factor and had reportedly vowed never to speak to Cowell again.

It seems his anger abated a little  helped by Cowell's abject public expressions of sorrow about the two parting ways.

"I humbly offer a grovelling apology, Louis," Cowell told Walsh.

This appeared to pacify Walsh, who described Cowell as a "really good guy" and "the best".

But he stopped short of laying the matter completely to rest, adding that the matter was "forgiven but not forgotten".

Cowell was reportedly extremely surprised by receiving the big red book from Sir Trevor McDonald. Could the good mood that followed this unexpected honour have something to do with his magnanimous apology?

28/05/2007 16:51:30