Acid-tongued music mogul Simon Cowell has slammed Sunday (24Feb08) night's Academy Awards - because the Oscars "reek of snobbery". The American Idol judge believes the ceremony - which exclusively rewards work on movies - looks down on TV series and television stars; and Cowell even claims he's viewed as "evil" in Hollywood circles. He says, "They think I'm the antichrist. They don't like us TV people to be part of it - it's ridiculous. It reeks of snobbery." And Cowell insists he wouldn't want to attend the star-studded event because he hates Tinseltown. He adds, "I have nothing to do with the Oscars - and nor do I want to. I'll only go if someone has invited me. "I hate the whole movie industry. It's so stuck up I can't bear it."