Simon Cowell's gruelling work schedule has turned him into an insomniac - he takes sleeping pills "almost every night" to help him nod off.
The American Idol star is so consumed by his workload, he often stays up until the early hours of the morning to concentrate on his projects.
And in a candid chat with his Britain's Got Talent co-star Piers Morgan, Cowell admits he has a sleeping problem and obsesses over not being able to get enough rest.
He tells the British host on TV show Piers Morgan's Life Stories, "I am totally and utterly consumed by my work, to the point almost of an obsession. Almost every night I will be working until four or five in the morning. My life is controlled by that.
"I sleep very late, because the time I think is best is two or three in the morning. I take sleeping pills almost every night because I freak out at the thought that I can't sleep. The more I think about it, the more it bothers me."