Acid-tongued music mogul Simon Cowell faces his toughest challenge yet - when he endures the wrath of TV cartoon character Homer Simpson.

The American Idol judge - who is feared by contestants of the pop talent show - is dramatically put into place by the lovable slob after making Homer's baby daughter MAGGIE cry.

And Simon is overjoyed he was asked to cameo in the episode The Simpsons, due to air in America later this month (FEB04).

Cowell says, "It's the best thing I've ever been asked to do."

A source adds, "Simon Cowell made his name in Britain for being stuck-up and arrogant - and he went one better in the States.

"He realised it was a formula for success and Pop Idol was a huge ratings smash.

"So it made sense to include him in The Simpsons. Millions of viewers will be backing Homer when he comes up against Simon."

09/02/2004 13:55