LATEST: Simon Cowell has sent a "groveling" apology to rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne after learning her husband Ozzy's quad bike crash wasn't a publicity stunt.

Pop Idol and AMERICAN IDOL star Cowell make jibes about Ozzy's pre-Christmas (03) crash, suggesting it was all part of a stunt to publicise his duet with daughter KELLY, CHANGES.

But, as soon as Cowell realised the Osbournes weren't joking, he was forced to apologise for his comments to a furious Sharon.

He says, "I made a joke but I didn't know how ill he was, so Sharon flew into town and said I should be tarred and feathered. I groveled.

"You don't want to fall out with Sharon. I sent a letter: 'Dear Sharon, I'm sorry. Love Simon.' She has forgiven me now. We're friends again now."

21/01/2004 09:15