Pop reality TV show judges Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh are at war - with both accusing each other of making "a mockery" of The X Factor programme.

Cowell, who also fronts American Idol, was continuously rowing with WESTLIFE svengali Walsh during Saturday night's (23OCT04) programme.

They also had a fierce argument backstage, which ended in Walsh locking himself in his dressing room with fellow judge Sharon Osbourne until 1am the next morning (24OCT04).

An insider says, "Simon was angry with Louis and told him he was making a mockery of the show because he's turning it into a personal battle when it's supposed to be about the contestants.

"Louis walked off in a huff, Simon ran after him and started going on about how it killed Louis to say something good about his contestants."

But Louis hit back saying, "Simon Cowell is making it personal. He is deliberately winding up myself and Sharon.

"He says one thing backstage and then comes out with these snide comments on air."

25/10/2004 13:42