Music mogul Simon Cowell is in secret talks with former Take That manager NIGEL MARTIN SMITH to create a pop supergroup.

The tyrannical x factor judge recently worked with Martin Smith on a Take That TV documentary and was keen to strike up a future partnership.

Between them, the pop pair have masterminded an impressive string of hit artists, but since Take That's split in 1996 Martin Smith has taken a step back from the industry.

But now he's hungry for a comeback, as long as Cowell's proposition is worthy of his management talents.

He says, "Simon invited me to the studios to see a rough cut of the Take That documentary.

"Then he said, 'So when are we going to work together?'

"It was totally out of the blue. I'm speaking to him about managing. But I've told him I'm not interested in X Factor rejects, I want something big."