Britain's Got Talent winner Pudsey the Dog has signed a book deal and is almost certainly heading for the best-seller lists. The border collie will tell his own story in 'Pudsey: My Autobiography', according to the Press Association.
The dog, along with owner Ashleigh Butler, won this year's Britain's Got Talent after stunning judges including Simon Cowell with a series of intelligent routines. The teenager from Northamptonshire faced the cameras this week to announce the book deal, and revealed that her canine companion was also getting used to the fame, saying, "Pudsey is used to it because he loves attention but we're just having really good fun..He loves the camera, if he sees a camera he automatically just stops and poses so he is a little bit of a natural but he also knows that if he gets his picture taken he gets food so that may be one reason why he likes it". The pair are also heading Stateside, with appearances on 'America's Got Talent' and Jay Leno's talk show lined up.
The book, published by Little, Brown, will describe Pudsey and Ashleigh's humble beginnings and their eventual rise to fame. They scooped a 500k prize for winning the British talent show, though the book deal is set to make them millionaires. There's certainly a dog sized-hole in the Hollywood market at the moment, after 'The Artist' star 'Uggie' retired from showbiz last month.