Simon Cowell has put his powers to good use by organising a charity single to help raise funds for the ravaged nation of Haiti - following a request from Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
The American Idol mogul is lining up stars including Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole, Beyonce and Robbie Williams to sing on the cover track, and he's vowed to send the proceeds to the victims of last week's (12Jan10) devastating earthquake.
Cowell is now rushing to get the project in motion, with the backing of Britain's leader Brown and the U.K.'s best-selling newspaper, The Sun.
He says, "We made a decision today. We had a request from the prime minister and the Sun newspaper - would we put a record together?
"We haven't got an awful lot of time, but we are going to do something and attempt to raise as much money as possible. I've got to try and get it all together in about 48 hours.
"(I want) As many people as possible, whoever we've got available is going to be on the record."