The producers of Simon Cowell's hit U.K. show Britain's Got Talent have found themselves in trouble with officials at Tv regulator Ofcom over their decision to air a striptease on a spin-off show earlier this year (Apr13).

Bosses at the watchdog group claim British network executives at ITv and producers "crossed the line" by broadcasting a burlesque routine on Britain's Got More Talent at a time when kids were likely to be watching.

Ofcom officials have accused the Tv chiefs of failing to protect kids and therefore breaking the U.K. broadcasting code.

The 90-second clip featured a woman removing items of clothing and then "shaking her naked bottom at the audience".

ITv chiefs have highlighted that the stripper's backside was pixellated for broadcast, prompting the watchdog officials to state the measure was "of limited effectiveness", adding it "did not sufficiently obscure the performer's naked buttocks".

A statement from Ofcom representatives reads: "The frequency and detail of these images in context of a striptease in a burlesque act meant that on balance they were not suitable for children."