A new book from Tom Bower, published next week, reveals the extent of Simon Cowell 's frustrations with the TV talent show X Factor. The Sun have revealed today that Cowell considered sacking Take That singer Gary Barlow from the judging panel and admitted that he had "cocked up" in America, where ratings were disgracefully low.
In the book, Bower details how Simon received news about problems in the X Factor camp back home in the UK. "He was told that even independent record companies were not interested in signing his acts. Trouble was brewing and the acts were struggling, he was warned". During a tense 1:30am Skype call with the contestants, he was angered by the 'surly' group of contestants facing him on his screen. He told them all that they had to up their game and when one of Little Mix asked what they should do, he exploded "The Spice Girls never asked, 'What should we do?' They said what They were going to do. If you don't know, you're lost." Cowell concluded the conference call by saying "This is the worst group of contestants there's ever been. We need a complete change."