Veteran British actor Simon Callow was left "disappointing" by Britain's royal wedding last month (Apr11) - because it wasn't the grand affair he was expecting.
Prince William and his new bride Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wed in regal style in front of a worldwide audience of two billion and the big day attracted reams of newspaper and online coverage.
But Callow wasn't impressed.
He's accusing the couple of "lolling" around during the ceremony and behaving too informally.
He tells Britain's Sunday Express, "I was struck by the extreme relaxation of the protagonists, and that was kind of amazing, but it was a little disappointing too, I thought, because it was such an epic event yet they looked as if they were in their own front room. I saw them lolling around a bit on their seats and making little jokes and all the rest of it.
"Clearly, the contrast between them and (William's parents) Charles and Diana was all to their advantage, and yet if these events are to be held and the taxpayers pay a great deal of money for them and they are significant meaningful spectacles of some kind or another, it would be kind of nice if the participants seemed to have some sense of the grandeur of the event."