The 2015 Tropfest was due to take place in Sydney, Australia this month (Dec15) with Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon as a judge, but it was called off just weeks before its launch when organisers suffered financial troubles.

The Mentalist star launched a drive to save the festival, bringing in a sponsor to provide funding, and the event will now go ahead in February (16).

"The big thing about Tropfest is that it encouraged people to make films... It's fantastic, it's inspiring... Tropfest has been around for 23 years and become a cornerstone of the Australian community..." Simon tells Australian TV show Weekend Today. "You know, myself, a lot of my peers, we all sort of started to talk about this can't happen (the cancellation)."

Festival founder John Polson adds, "This guy is amazing. He was the first guy within two minutes of the announcement to call me and say 'Mate, what happened, what can I do?'... At that point I thought I was dead in the water.... I really appreciate (his help)."