Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is making a surprising move into the world of music by releasing an album of love ballads.

Berlusconi, who previously worked as a cruise-ship crooner, has co-written the lyrics to seven tracks on singer MARIANA APICELLA's new album.

The pair became friends when Berlusconi met Apicella at a restaurant where he was singing in 2001.

Apicella reveals, "It was December 2001 when he asked me if I had ever written any songs.

"'Yes,' I said, and I played MEGLIO UNA CANZONE, my first song. He didn't like the lyrics, but he liked the music very much. So he asked me if he could make some changes. It was our first song. The second, the third and fourth songs followed, and then the idea of making a record too."

BETTER WITH A SONG will be released in Italy on Friday (31OCT03), and all profits will go to charity.

30/10/2003 17:19