Sigur Ros have apologised to their fans after they had a “miserable” time on stage at Bestival 2012 due to an unexpected reshuffle, reports The Huffington Post.

The Icelandic band wanted to play their set at night, given the epic style of their music, but, arguably the festival’s biggest star – Stevie Wonder – caused their gig to be rescheduled, and the daytime slot wasn’t acceptable for them. Angry, they refused to let their show be streamed online, whilst every other band’s was, but after their tantrum, they’ve entered despondency, and issued a statement apologising for their behaviour. “Sigur Ros would like to apologise to anyone disappointed not to see the band’s Bestival performance live online last night,” reads the press release. “Early in the day a decision had been made to delay broadcast till after the show to give the band a chance to review the footage ahead of webcast, since they were dismayed that their guaranteed “darkness” slot had been pushed into daylight by the expansive demands of the headliner.” The statement continues; “the band’s only UK show of the year, this would-be highlight of the 2012 calendar, would have to be conducted without proper lights or visuals,” which, given it’s apologetic nature, is rather excusatory.

All in all, the Isle of White based festival enjoyed a successful year, and even avoided the plague that infects most British music festivals: rain. Sigur Ros’s angry response to their reshuffle was given a dose of perspective, as an accident involving a bus returning from the festival is said to have claimed three lives.