Sigur Ros star JONSI BIRGISSON has axed a series of in-store concerts across America after branding the intimate gigs "uncomfortable".
The Icelandic singer/guitarist scheduled six acoustic performances at record shops across the U.S. as part of his ongoing North American tour to promote his solo album Go.
The rocker played his first show at Origami Vinyl in Los Angeles last Sunday (17Oct10), but found the experience of performing so close to fans so unnerving, he has scrapped the rest of the dates.
A statement from his management reads, "Jonsi was always sceptical about how it (the in-store shows) would pan out in reality. Standing there nose-to-nose with fans in the cold light of day the other day in Origami Records, Los Angeles, he had the sudden and undeniable realisation that this is not the environment in which he flourishes.
"Arguably it was the most uncomfortable experience of his 10 years in the public eye, and as a result we are unwilling to put him in the line of fire again."
The rest of the star's headline shows, including concerts in Utah, Texas, Georgia and New York, will go ahead as planned.