Sigourney Weaver is trying to convince movie maker Ridley Scott to make a fifth ALIEN film - so she can kill off her character ELLEN RIPLEY.

The British director made ALIEN with Weaver in 1979, before James Cameron, David Fincher and then Jean-Pierre Jeunet continued the sci-fi franchise - but Weaver wants Scott to return for one final film.

The Gladiator movie maker says, "About six months ago, Sigourney Weaver said to me, 'I'd like there to be a fifth film because I'd like to make a clean exit. You virtually created me back then. Don't you want to kill me?'"

Weaver has appeared in all four Alien films, but will not have a role in spin-off movie Alien Vs Predator. Instead, actress Sanaa Lathan will take the lead.

27/10/2003 09:37