Eccentric actor Sigourney Weaver reprised her ALIEN role as tough warrior ELLEN RIPLEY to force her husband to take their daughter out of a violent school.

The actress insists she dislikes confrontation, but was so determined to protect her daughter CHARLOTTE from bullies, she used her movie character's rage to frighten her director husband Jim Simpson into finding a new school for their child.

She explains, "I don't play that many people who feel rage. But when someone hurts your kid, your reaction is instinctive.

"We were having a meeting at our daughter's school. Someone was being mean and dismissive and bullying my child.

"My husband saw Ripley coming out, and he tried to keep me from over-reacting. Eventually my rage won. And I had my revenge. My daughter is now at a wonderful school."

16/12/2004 21:21