Sigourney Weaver met her husband at a Halloween square dance.

The 65-year-old actress celebrated her 30th wedding anniversary with film director Jim Simpson over the summer, and recalled how they met at a party she hosted while filming 'Ghostbusters'.

She said: ''I gave a Halloween square dance when I started filming 'Ghostbusters'. He came to it and that's when we started going out.''

The star - who is currently filming 'A Monster Calls' - hoped to recreate the bash to commemorate their anniversary, but admitted she is usually so busy so she wanted to enjoy her time off and not worry about organising a party.

She explained: ''We were in upstate New York for two months and I feel as though we celebrated all summer.''

Talking about the idea of holding the dance - which involved four couples - she continued: ''We were going to do it again, but it takes a lot of energy to organise a big party. These days couples are so busy, there's no time to spend together so it was just nice for us to load around and enjoy nature.''

The 'Avatar' actress added she has become broody for a grandchild in recent years, but confessed it is unfortunate the couple's daughter, 24-year-old Charlotte Simpson has no plans to have a baby.

She added to You magazine: ''I hope I get to have grandchildren while I can still function. I don't want to be 90! But these kids today are so busy living their lives and I can't even imagine my daughter settling down.''