Sigourney Weaver made the ultimate fashion faux-pas on the red carpet last night, wearing the exact same dress as co-star Jamie Lee Curtis (23rd September 2010) However, what initially looked to be an embarrassing mix-up turned out to be a humorous joke between the two stars of new movie 'You Again'.
The pair grabbed the headlines in Los Angeles after both turning up in identical emerald one shouldered satin gowns, however, after shocked reactions from fans and photographer alike, the mix-up was revealed to be a prank, with the pair recreating a scene from their upcoming film. OK Magazine reports that Weaver and Lee Curtis "certainly seemed to be enjoying all the attention, laughing and striking silly poses with each other all the way down the red carpet", and the Hollywood actresses were joined at the premiere by co-stars Odette Yustman, Betty White, and Kristen Bell.
Directed by Andy Fickman, 'You Again', tells the story of a young woman who, on realising her brother is about to marry the girl who bullied her in high school, sets out to expose her future sister-in-law's true colours. The movie is released today (24th September 2010)