Actress Sigourney Weaver found the script of her new movie THE VILLAGE so chilling, she had nightmares after reading it.

Weaver, who appears in the movie alongside Joaquin Phoenix, William Hurt and Ron Howard's daughter BRYCE, admits she found the M Night Shyamalan film very disturbing - even before shooting began.

She says, "It's such an original story and we couldn't talk to anyone else about it. I couldn't even show it to my husband.

"So I think I had nightmares because I had no one to talk to about it and just had such a strong effect on my subconscious. These wonderful peaceful people in this beautiful village, living the idyllic life except that they have these creatures in the woods that they have this truce with."

And the actress admits she cowers at the sight of a scary movie - and once good goose-bumps watching PINOCCHIO, despite having starred in such films as the ALIEN franchise.

She adds, "I'm a very nervous spectator... I don't like it when good people get in trouble!"

29/07/2004 02:39