Actress Sigourney Weaver has presented the alien-producing egg from her 1986 movie ALIENS to a museum in Washington, DC.

Weaver handed the silver egg to the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY on Wednesday (10DEC03), along with an original script and several still photographs from the movie.

She says, "It's a great honour for our movie. I also think that people will get a big kick out of getting that close to an egg without a facehugger jumping out at them."

The egg will eventually be displayed with other movie memorabilia, such as the ruby red slippers Judy Garland wore as DOROTHY in the Wizard Of Oz and Harrison Ford's jacket and hat from the INDIANA JONES movies.

The 1979 thriller ALIEN, directed by Ridley Scott, launched Weaver's career. She then starred as heroine ELLEN RIPLEY in three more Alien movies - Aliens, ALIEN 3, and ALIEN RESURRECTION.

She's currently in talks with Scott about reprising the role yet again.

12/12/2003 17:16