Sigma turned down the chance to have a song written by Ed Sheeran.

The British drum and bass duo - comprised of Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzie - were flattered that the 'Shape of You' hitmaker sent over ideas for a song for them, but they decided against recording anything because the 26-year-old songwriter is already dominating the charts with tracks he's written for other people.

The 'Changing' stars said: ''We got sent one of his ideas recently that they were talking about us using but we have loads of other stuff of our own so we didn't record it.

''There is just so much Ed stuff floating around at the moment in the mix and people are lapping it up.''

Although they didn't take the flame-haired star up on the chance to work together this time, Joe says they are massive fans of his songwriting.

He told The Daily Star newspaper: ''Ed is amazing. He is one of the best songwriters around. Everything he touches turns to magic.

''He is just a songwriting machine.''

Instead, the pair decided to team up with Quavo from hip-hop outfit Migos and Sebastian Kole - who has written for Jennifer Lopez and Alessia Cara - on their latest single 'Forever'.

Meanwhile, the pair say the best way to get rid of any pre-show nerves is a shot of alcohol.

Asked what their pre-gig rituals are, Joe said: ''We all do three shots of tequila and hope for the best! ''That was a lie, but having a little drink definitely helps calms the nerves.

''However, it can interrupt the performance, so not too much alcohol! Otherwise you'd get used to it and end up going down a slippery slope. That would be terrible!''