Sigma feel ''too old'' to party.

The drum and bass duo, both 28, are renowned for their upbeat dance anthems but have revealed they aren't the party animals they once were and have become a lot more sensible when it comes to having nights out now they are professional musicians.

Asked if they have wild nights out while on the road, Joe Lenzie - who works with Cameron Edwards under the Sigma name - exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''We're getting a bit too old for that. It ruins me now. Even if I have four pints now I wake up the next day and I'm hanging.''

The 'Changing' hitmakers - whose new single 'Glitterball' featuring Ella Henderson is out now through Beats 3 - instead said they did most of their partying before they topped the charts with 'Somebody to Love' last year.

Joe explained: ''A lot of the huge nights out happened before we had this big success and having the success, although you want to celebrate it and you do have a couple of moments when you do, it's quite important for me to maintain that sense of reality and that's why I don't really go out so much anymore.''

And with the extra time they've saved from avoiding parties, the duo have been putting the finishing touches to their debut album 'Life', which they're planning to release in the autumn.

Joe added: ''Apart from tying up the final loose ends on the album, we haven't had much time to get into the studio and do any brand new bits, but we're trying to get everything finished and trying to work out who the features on the new singles are going to be. We've got the tracks written, but we're just working out who will sound best on them at the moment.''