The DJ, real name Bruce Fielder, displaced Justin Bieber at the top of the U.K. hit rundown on Friday (11Sep15) and was heading for a set in Blackpool, England, on Saturday (12Sep15), but had to cancel after a pile-up on a British highway.

Fielder admitted that he was lucky to escape unscathed after the driver of another vehicle lost control and collided with a car, flipping over.

The DJ tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "The traffic suddenly stopped in front of us. We slowed down but there was someone coming up fast two cars back. They slammed into the person behind us, who was in a 4x4 (sports utility vehicle). That sent them hurtling into the back of our Mercedes. I looked in the wing mirror and there was this 4x4 flying towards us.

"She (the woman driving the 4x4) flipped her car. About ten people rushed over and put it back upright. The driver was taken to hospital as she had hurt her neck."

The DJ did manage to make it to a second gig that night in Preston, England after Mercedes bosses arranged a new car for the dance sensation.