Sienna Miller'S steamy sex scenes with Star Wars star Hayden Christensen in her latest film FACTORY GIRL could be real, rumours suggest.

However, the British actress has moved quickly to rubbish claims that her performance in the love scene was so realistic because she was actually having sex with Christensen at the time.

In typical Hollywood fashion, the 24-year-old brushed off the question from a tabloid journalist, saying: "Oh, darling, that is so horrible. You obviously don't know anything about making movies."

But whatever the truth is, the publicity people must be getting hearty pats on the back from all concerned as the rumours look likely to fuel a let's-see-if-we-can-tell Rush to the cinema from moviegoers.

Nevertheless, Miller's publicist told the New York Daily: "It's not true at all. When you do a love scene, there are five or six people on the set at a minimum.

"They weren't having real sex. She's just a great actress."

The scene has been compared to another "dubious" love scene from the 1972 horror classic DON'T LOOK NOW, which featured Julie Christie and DONALD SUTHERLAND.

01/02/2007 15:36:11