Sienna Miller was left in tears after a lecture from Harvey Weinstein.

The 37-year-old actress recalled receiving a stern warning from the disgraced movie mogul after she landed her breakthrough role in 'Factory Girl' and he ordered her to curb her partying.

She said: ''He called me in to his office -- he had just bought ['Factory Girl'].

''He sat me down, stood up, and said, 'You're not partying anymore.'

''It felt like a paternal lecture. He slammed the door and I burst into tears.''

The 'American Woman' star - who has seven-year-old daughter Marlowe with former partner Tom Sturridge - thinks women have been ''undermined and undervalued'' for years so is a big supporter of the #MeToo movement.

She told the new issue of Britain's Elle magazine: ''Women have been undermined and undervalued.

''That this is happening is essential.''

The 'American Sniper' actress has previously admitted she has personally been impacted by positive change in the wake of the movement.

She said: ''I recently got paid a significant amount of money for the first time in my entire life for a film that I did. I finally understood how it must have felt to be a man. Not as much, but I actually got paid [more than ever].''

Meanwhile, Sienna also admitted she was devastated that her daughter no longer thinks she is ''cool''.

She said: ''I've started to not be cool. I was dancing down the street the other day, which Marlowe used to find really funny, but she was like, 'Shhh!' It was the first time, a knife to my heart.''

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